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The Truth is one. The Roads to it are different.

האמת היא היחידה. הדרכים אליה שונות.

الحقيقة الوحيدة. أشياء مختلفة.

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Dmitry Radyshevsky 

is a Harvard educated theologian, Interfaith expert and PR consultant, founder of the  Jerusalem Summit forum, adviser to the director of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus.

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Projects, Books, Lectures

Jerusalem Summit


Dr. Radyshevsky has established this international think-tank in Jerusalem in 2003 to analyze the twin dangers facing humanity. In his words, «today humanity is attacked and lured by the two dead-end ideologies: MAN WITHOUT GOD with its cult of human passions and perversions, and GOD WITHOUT MAN with its cult of State or the totalitarian religion. Humanity, standing on the universal ethical principles shared by all faiths, has to choose an alternative way which combines humanism and holiness: MAN AS A PARTNER OF GOD”.

On the photo: Dr. Radyshevsky presenting an Award to the Jerusalem Summit’s Member of the Presidium, Senator Sam Brownback, former United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom.
Jerusalem Council of Civilizations


Dr. Radyshevsky has initiated a project to establish in Jerusalem a non-governmental international forum THE JERUSALEM COUNCIL OF CIVILIZATIONS where the best minds from the 12 key world civilizations will formulate long-term solutions to the main global problems on the basis of universal ethical laws and the wisdom of their civilizations - not the basis of political calculations and narrow national interests. The project is endorsed by the Mayor’s office of Jerusalem.




Jewish-Christian Dialogue

The Lecture Course “Israel, the Christ of History”


Dr. Radyshevsky is offering this course to groups of Evangelical pastors and Christian students. The course deals with prophetic changes happening in the relationship between Israel and the Church, the thorniest theological differences between Judaism and Christianity, the ways to make Jesus not a stumbling block, but a meeting point of the Root and Branch.

A special program with Dr. Radyshevsky on Revelation TV:

Lecture on Religion at NYU:
Lecture on Jewish-Christian dialogue to the pastors’ convention in Netherlands:
Message to the Church from Jerusalem:
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Dr. Radyshevsky is author of the epic screenplay MACCABEE and recipient of the Best Script Award for the AVINU movie at the i-Hollywood Film Festival in Los Angeles in September 2023.

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